Hailey's Harp Homepage!
  • Mon 11/23- Talls for Smalls/MNF
  • Tues 11/24- Tone Deaf Tuesday
  • Wed 11/25- The Neighbors
  • Thurs 11/26- Bar Only Open at 5
  • Fri 11/27- Bob Burger
  • Sat 11/28- The Roadies
  • Sun 11/29- NFL Week 12/TRIVIA CRAIC

Welcome to Hailey's Harp and Pub!

-Weekly Food/Drink Specials!

-Irish Fare!

-Extensive Craft Beer Selection!

-Live Music!

-NFL Sunday Ticket/Big 10 Network!

-All European Soccer Leagues and MLS!

-Family Friendly!

-Click HERE to read all about our first Beer Senate of the year!