Hailey’s Family Night Package

TAKEOUT ONLY | 732-321-0777 to order

Introducing #HaileysFamilyNights packages. You’ll get two appetizers, three entrees, and a whole lot of family fun. 732-321-0777 is the number to call.

Here are your options for a #HaileysFamilyNight package:

Choose two (2) appetizers from the following:

– Bubble and Squeak
– Irish soda break with Jameson orange marmalade
– Irish toasties

Choose three (3) entrees from the following:

– Corned beef and cabbage
– Fish and chips
– Bangers and mash
– Shepherd’s pie
– Salmon cakes
– Guinness chicken
– Guinness beef stew

Each #HaileysFamilyNight package is $50 and can feed about four to five people. Call 732-321-0777 to order.