Sports at Hailey’s

Whether you’re a football, soccer, baseball, basketball, tennis, horse racing, or rugby fan, we’ve got you covered. Hailey’s has a wide array of large screen TVs showing the day’s top games and matches.

Soccer (USA and English Premier League)
American Outlaws logo, national organization supporting U.S. Men's and Women's Soccer Teams

Did you know that Hailey’s is an official watch site for the American Outlaws, a nationwide organization supporting the United States Men’s and Women’s Soccer Teams? Join us and the American Outlaws and friends as we cheer on the U.S. Men’s Soccer Team on their quest to the World Cup in November.

Hailey’s proudly offers broadcasts of the English Premier League matches. Join us beginning August 5, 2022, and watch with us.

Football (College, Pro, and Fantasy)

Whatever your team is, we’ve got you covered. Join us on Sundays and Thursdays during the college and NFL seasons for your favorite games and discounted prices. Don’t see your team on the TV? Ask your bartender or server.

Hailey’s also helps you host your Fantasy Football draft party. You’ll get a private room, a large TV/monitor hookup, $5 Guinness, $5 wings, $3 hot dogs, half-off nachos and other specials exclusive to Fantasy Football parties. Call 732-321-0777 for more information or to reserve.


Root for your favorite sluggers during the regular and postseason with craft beer, appetizers, and other great refreshments.

Horse Racing

Spend a day at the races in Hailey’s. Join us for periodic broadcasts of races, including the Kentucky Derby in May.

Customize Your Sports Outing

Don’t see your game on TV? Ask your server or bartender. While we don’t have access to everything, if it’s not pay-per-view and it’s broadcast in-market, it’s likely we’ll have it.